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Custom clearing and forwarding at Kolkata/Haldia Seaport
If the consignment transaction is happening through Haldia Seaport and needs customs clearing, we ensure our customers, a hassle free receipt of their freights.

Our Crane division is one of the leading equipment solutions providers in the country.

The most important part that one will need in import and export business is a transportation services.

Anurag Enterprise offers pan India freight transport through the world's second largest railway.

Open yard/Plot
Driven by the axiom 'time is money; Anurag Enterprise is a front-runner in the DOOR-to-door delivery domain in the country.

Our forklift truck can not only handle large-tonnage cargo, but also support maintenance, discharge and installation of IMPORTANT equipment.

Export And Import Containers
Services provided by Anurag Enterprise in Export And Import Containers are given as

Anurag Enterprise stores and manages inventory in strategically located state-of-the-art logistics centres.
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